Monday, March 7, 2016

Friends, Lies, and Sex

I seem to be really shitty at keeping friends. I admit to it being all me.  I have a line. A FIRM BLACK Line. Once this Line is crossed, I consider almost anyone dead to me. The Line is far, very far from most normal standards of decency.  This latest incident is the 3rd "friend" who liberally danced across the Line without even looking down. She and her puppet master of a boy toy so massively screwed me it was amusing to watch the dance. To watch as someone they find a good lay play them like a puppet and use them as they had so liberally used me is vindication of karma like no other.

Honestly, a simple apology is all that she needed to give. Seriously. "I am sorry." I would have gone back into the dance. So, Thank YOU, you selfish, lying bitch. Thank you for choosing your puppet master instead of a friend who has been loyal to you for 10 years. I will be watching at the finish line of your life- when you lose your house, your job. You've lost your kid already and you rightfully deserve it. You lie to me and except me to feel anything other that ire? You allow your lay of the day to accuse me of crimes YOU did and sit there silently like the puppet you are? Sure. Ok.

*Slow Clap* You win. You get to win. But are you the winner? Are you?? Am *I* the one to blame for your First marriage failing? Oh how about your last long term relationship? My fault, too. Oh or perhaps, you asked me how to get out of each. And perhaps they both didn't play you like the puppet you want to be. My bad. Oh!! How about it being my fault you argued with your puppet master the one time you found a spine. Yup. My bad. Surely it must be the tiny cameras I put on the sofas I gave you for free so JUST when you turn into a pussy I can tell you exactly what to say and *I* can mastermind your life.. Oh?? Wait!!! Nope. Never did that. Crazy right?!? I didn't mastermind anyone's life except for that of my CHILDREN!!

Now. As for the matter of putting the word "Rape" when someone tells me they have been forced to continue having sex.. When they repeatedly tell me they no longer wanted to. And even that it was recorded against their knowledge OR will. I'm just going to leave this gem here. It makes my argument for me. You LIE to me repeatedly and make up the accusation- that's between YOU, your maker, apparently your puppet master, and the one you have accused. NOT ME. I Didn't Say No, But It Was Still Rape.

I am tired of being used by people who have claimed me as "Friend" or hell even "Best Friend". Ironically. I am not the one cheating, lying, stealing. It isn't ME. The lack of moral activity has been committed by other people. Most people who KNOW me, should find this rather ironic. Truly. Ironic. Yet, this is the 3rd time in 2 years I have had to choose to burn the bridge - explode it- because I refuse to allow to let "Friends" use me to cheat on spouses, boyfriends, lie for them, and be used at their will just because they have thought my loyalty was just.. For their taking.

So, I guess *I* win. I win the release of not being used. Not being lied to. Not being blamed for the loss of - and please correct me if I could ever be wrong on this - the puppet masters child. Read that article. Puppet master has based his entire argument on THAT alone. Honestly, now ex friend. YOU deserve better than that. I would probably even eventually forgive them all if any were to actually appologize. But, I'm not holding my breath.

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